"City of Angels" - movie analysis

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The action in the movie is taking place in Los Angeles. Two main characters are angel Seth and Dr. Maggie. The movie shows two extremely different worlds. One of them is angel's world, where they gather every morning by the ocean to listen to wonderful music by the sunrise. Living in a library, they gain wisdom from the tomes that surround them; eavesdropping on the thoughts of us humans. Those messengers do not have the ability to taste or smell. They do not feel pain either. They can be invisible and they can move as fast as their thoughts. People here enjoy their life in a different way, just like Dr. Maggie and her patient Dennis Franz. They know the taste of fruit; they enjoy the rain; feel the wind; and ultimately live a normal life. Unfortunately, sometimes people cannot appreciate what they have. Seth essentially wanted an amazing moment that he could experience or at least have it described to him by somebody else.

One of those people was Maggie and Dennis who helped him to understand God's idea of having free will. Franz introduced and astonished Seth with human life and explained that there is a way to become a man. The reason why he wanted to give up on his life and try something new was because of Maggie. From the first moment he saw her, he was amazed by her work and personality. Dr. Maggie was a cardiologist. She was very ambitious, smart and gifted with her work. She tried her best to save patients' lives. When one of them died, she could not forgive herself and she did not know how to inform the family about that tragedy. Because she was very good doctor and compassionate person, she treated her patients like family. In one...