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The focus area of study this year has been changing self. Changing self can be defines as the process whereby an` individual develops a new idea about themselves and the world and their views change. This process is often affected by time, experiences and knowledge. The focus text I have decided upon it Little Women and it is complimented the Robert frost poem "out - out", the short story, The Death of Henry Ellis and the prose piece Sky High. All the texts have shown how different personas have to deal with experiences in their lives that have made them change.

My focus text "Little Woman" is a movie set in the 19th century. Changing self can be represented through the character of Josephine, a 17 year old girl trapped in poverty, with three sisters; meg the oldest, Beth, Jo and Aimee the youngest. Jo's changing self experience is depicted as she is present at the time of her sister's death.

The death is anticipated as Jo enters the room wearing dark clothes syombolising the tragic news she is about to encounter. As the camera pans across the room, the general idea of sadness are spread throughout the atmosphere, it zooms in on Beth's face highlighting her fragile state. The concept of change is evident in the line "I don't like being left behind, now I am the one going ahead." It is then juxtaposed with the line "we did now know then

That a shadow had fallen." Through this expression of emotion the camera pans between each sister showing their genuine emotions. In Frosts poem, "out out" the persona focuses on the concept that our changing self "experience" is depended on how fragile life is. This is shown in the poem as the boy is overcome by the unpredictability...