Case Study: Faith Community Hospital

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The Faith Community Hospital should have one thing in mind and only one thing. They should all be thinking about how they can help all patients that come in needing help. The Faith Community Hospital is also a business that has people to serve, employees to pay, and bills to pay.

As any business, there are always challenges that come along with the business. Faith Community Hospital is having issues with the costs, amount of patients, and the staff. The staff works in the same building but they are not all on the same page. Regulations are not being followed by the staff.


The case study covers a numerous amount of issues. All the issues are creating on key problem, the cost to run. The cost to run is increasing because the patients are hold at 7,863 and not increasing. Staff is refusing to accept patients without insurance, and counselors are treating patients pro-bono.

The hospitals insurance per patient per day was $217.00 one year ago. The insurance is now $240.00 per patient per day. About 28% of the costs are fixed and do not change by the number of patients the Faith Community Hospital serves. The hospital will be forced to reduce the fixed costs if the patients to not increase.

Key Problems

The main issue at the hospital is how the hospital is currently being managed. The staff does not seem to know what direction to go. They need standards to go by and if they already have the standards. They need to review them. The staff does not seem to understand the issues they are causing. They need to look at the best interests of the patients but also the best interests of the hospital. The key issues creating this are listed below.

* Mission Statement...