Case problem 3-A Can we wire the Avon ladies?

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1. What is your recommended internet strategy for Avon product?

The internet was more popular using in sales strategy. Actually, it's not only fast way to close customer but also changing their management policy to match new environment and competitiveness. Even in Avon, they have to fit tidal current. They must develop and respond to new technology, new type of business and new people in the form of employee and customer.

1.1 Mix bricks and clicks.

"The Avon's consumer the opportunity to purchases online via Avon's website or those of its 12,000 or more reps who have signed up to sell online."(from case) They want push the customer participate in it who work outside the home and no time to interview Avon's reps. they phase in online purchase instead of face to face sales for office ladies. Let the reps participate in our new sales type. The internet will be attracting more customers to choose Avon's product.

They build a flat which is Avon's website to support reps and customer to share information what you want. They are easy to find new product and new information in the website.

1.2 Develop a global presence

Beside consumers in the Latin American and Asian market, global consumer can purchase its products via the internet. Set up distribution centers (managed by reps themselves) in countries whose demands and profits are satisfactory. Or break countries limited, American reps can be directly contract with different countries consumers.

1.3 make individuation websites by representative

Avon agrees representatives are authorized to use Avon's web template to launch their own site to reach more customer. The reps have a go-aheadism to make your owe sales plan. They collect more good idea in the internet strategy. Because the reps know what the consumer need and want. .

2. Why...