How the Canadian Government affects our education - In this text we will discuss how the Canadian Government is wasting money on useless things instead of putting it into education funding.

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Why must the government cut back on funding for our schools? What good does the government gain from all these cut backs? The Canadian government is saying how they want to get out of debt, yet they spend at least couple hundred thousand to print pointless pamphlets and flyers about how they are going to cut back programs and OAC that most of us students throw in the garbage anyway. The board could've just sent the information to every principle and announce it over the PA system instead of these useless pamphlets that end up in the garbage. It's a waste of resources and a waste of money, money that should be used for funding schools. In short, the government tries to save money by cutting our education, yet they spend more money in the end by doing pointless information announcement when there are much more efficient and 'profitable' ways of doing the same thing.

The disadvantages clearly outweigh the advantages for us students. We are supposed to be the future's driving force, but how does the government expect us to succeed when we are being robbed of our right to pursue our dreams, our careers, and to learn. This is only the first steps of a failing government if they don't place tomorrow's workforce their top priority. Cutting out some of our courses will affect career choices of a lot of students who would like to get into music, art, drama, or professional athletics. Does this mean that these career choices are not important anymore in the future, that we do not need musicians, artists, actors, or professional athletes? Maybe the government doesn't care about these careers in the future. How will those students who have the gift of music, art, drama, or athletes pursue their dreams? This is...