The Call of a Bard!!

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Come hither come nigh

Lend an ear to my yarn

Come in veils to this sigh

To node to shake ye cran'

A thread I'll unfurl

Keep thee enter'tained

Till in jest ye fingers curl

At the picture without a taint

This bard for ye steals

From the held tongues

A treasure to gorge to meal

An echo for ye ears to lunge

A hush sh'ld seal lips of yo'rs

Till the gourmand meals gone

Oft I'll pause midst clause

Pray I for ye note' sound a horn

For fear I a phrase as gormless

Left caviar flowering to cinder

Hence a finger to lips do press

Till saga to end to ye I render

If in end the lark is not grasped

A sum conf'ms retelling of same

Till blue I turn thence I gasp

Still I'll till on till round ye came