Business Information Systems, System Considerations.

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Unit 3 Business Information Systems

Assignment No.4- System Considerations.

Q1) A document is required by a horticultural supplier, to capture customer orders for batch scanning into the computerised Sales Order Processing system. The document will be included in the catalogue which is sent to customers.

Plants and tools are sold in units or multi-packs, pre-packed fertilisers, etc are sold in sacks and loose materials by weight. Customers can order up to 10 items at a time and can request delivery to their own address or to a different address.

Use a word-processing or spreadsheet application to prepare and print out a template that can capture the customer and order information. Show clearly how many characters are allowed in each field.

Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms)







Telephone Number

Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) / /

Email Address

Page Number Catalogue Number Price of Each Quantity Weight (Kg) Total Price

. .

. .

. .

. .

. .

. .

. .

. .

. .

. .


a) List the main stages of the systems life cycle.

b) Explain briefly why the systems life cycle is a useful concept.

c) Give an example of when and where it might be applied.

The main stages of the systems life cycle are:

1. Project Definition.

2. Systems Analysis.

3. Systems Design.

4. Implementation.

5. Integration and Testing.

6. Acceptance, Installation, Deployment.

7. Post-implementation.

8. Operation and Maintenance.

The systems life cycle is useful in many ways:

1. A large project is broken down into several stages.

2. Project work maintains consistency and planning.

3. Auditing is possible using the systems life cycle as is the ability to plan ahead and make accurate estimates of costs and time to take.

4. A project can be shown in...