Business Information Systems, Organisational Information Flows.

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Unit 3 Business Information Systems

Assignment No.2- Organisational Information Flows.

Q1) In most organisations the main functions that are associated with customer-related processes are sales, despatch, stock control, purchasing and accounts.

i. Using diagrams, show where and in what sequence the main information will flow between the functions when

a) a sales forecast is changed

b) a sale is made

ii. Label the information flows on your diagrams with the nature of the information (in most cases the name of the document carrying the information will be sufficient).


i. Name four events in the cases in 1) above, which could trigger information flows.

ii. For each of these events,

a) Identify the nature of the event (eg a document received, an activity or transaction by an individual)

b) Give an example of the data that the event will call from databases, in order to complete the document that will be passed to the next function.

Four events which could trigger information flows in the example above are as follows:

1. Product despatch (document received in the form of an invoice from accounts). The data that the event will call would be customer details (name, address etc), product details (value, quantity), Sales details (order number).

2. Product order for an out of stock item(document received from Sales). The data that the event will call would be the product details (value, quantity etc), customer details (in order to create an invoice once the product is in stock).

3. Stock quantity request (activity by an individual making an order request). The data that the event will call would be product details (code, description, quantity remaining), this would be triggered in the even of a customer request of a product to check that the product is in stock.

4. Product return (activity...