Breast cancer: all about breast cancer, medical procedures and ways to prevent it.

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Breast cancer

What is breast cancer?

Cancer is a bad tissue - normal tissue cells that grow alot. Our tissue cells grow

and separate into two daugtehr cells. Old cells are killed and thrown away.

When cells can't control their growth, they divide in a crazy and quickly way,

When that happens a tumor forms. Benign tumors, in fibrocystic Breast Disease,

are not cancerous. Cancerous, tumors spread to and damage healthy tissue.

Some problems also spread through the veins, creating new tumors everywhere

in the body. Cancerus tumors make thir own radicals, making cell reproduccion

faster. Early detection is the best against breast cancer.

Why do you get it?

All woman that has history of breast cancer in her family is at risk of getting

breast cancer. And the older a person gets it's easier to get breast cancer.

How to prevent it.

All woman older than 20 should make a monthly self-exams.

Women older than

40 should have yearly exams with physician and a mammogram everyone 2

years. Women older than 50 should have yearly mammograms.

Medications to prevent it.

Antioxidants are the best protection against cancer because (1) they destroy

cancer causing Tumors (2) they support our immune system, helping it to find

and destroy bad cells before they turn into cancer; and (3) they reduce the risk of

breast cancer of spreading.