'The Boxer' Deconstruction and Analysis. Filming techiques and devices.

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Historical and Political context of the film

Jim Sheridan's film, 'The Boxer' illustrates Belfast in Northern Ireland in the early to mid 1990's. The film is constructed in a way that it highlights the results of the conflict in Ireland as well as giving the viewer an apparent real life recount involving men, women, children and families. Demonstrating the division of Ireland and then further through the division of the Irish Republican Army, Sheridan gives viewers a perspective on the situation that would never be achieved otherwise.

The film explores the struggle between the two branches of the IRA, as well as the larger scale conflict between the IRA and British forces. Inside of the IRA, the Official IRA are the brains, attempting to use politics and peaceful discussion to resolve conflict, where as the Provisional IRA are the arms, using force, brutality and intimidation to attempt to establish the common goal of a united Irish Republic.

Just as the Officials are able to negotiate a ceasefire and begin to promise peace in Ireland, the provisional army let off a deadly car bomb, creating riots between British forces and the Irish public, ending the ceasefire and any chance the Official Army had of creating peace in Ireland.

Social context of the film

'The Boxer' demonstrates clearly group dynamics and behavioral patterns within a lifestyle unfamiliar to the majority of audiences. Sheridan creates many different relationships between characters, each relationship with unique attributes. It demonstrates the way people act where fighting the same fight through different methods, the power and strength of human will, as well as the lengths people got to for love. Each relationship is strengthened and made more intense though the surrounding environment, where every day is uncertain and lives are taken at the drop of a...