Bothersome Things In Life

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People whining, people babbling, people smirking, people hating(isocolon) are just a few of the many things which bother me. It is not just people which bother me; white vans, hospitals, and golf are just a few other things that are bothersome to me. Hopefully it is crystal clear (alliteration) that many things bother me.

To begin this wild rampage, in my eyes, President George W. Bush is the most bothersome of all. No credibility! No confidence! No honesty! (Anaphora) President Bush, the sly snake he is (metaphor), has undermined the people of America for too long now. It doesn't help to support him either because he is power hungry like a dictator of communism (simile). He believes that in this time of war and terrorism, it is appropriate to allow the power of the President to be extended for the "good" of the country. If terrorism never ends and the war is only reducing the number of United States soldiers, how is that good for the country? It is time Bush sets aside his precious pride and takes action that is truly best.

The constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights were originally set up for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the basic rights to countless citizens throughout the nation. These forever freedoms consist of, but are not restricted to, freedom of speech, freedom of unreasonable search and seizure, and freedom of a trial. The Patriot Act, passed by President George W. Bush, overrides these basic rights and as a result, overrides the principles of the people. Where Bush enacts his policy: speech is subdued, privacy is subdued, trial is subdued, and all things else of freedom and rights, are forever subdued. Allowing emails to be read, cell phone calls to be tapped, obtaining library...