Are botellon and rave partyes the same?

Essay by jasmin8008B, October 2006

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Before answering this question, i will clarify why I have chosen this subject.

I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the rave parties and find out if it the same custom we have in pain but with another name, also because now days they are becoming a big problem for societies, and police its trying to find a solution for. I think the main problem for this is that there is lots of young people involved in it which it makes it more interesting to me as I include my self in it and I make botellones sometimes.

Botellón is a custom that takes place mainly in the Spanish nightlife in which young people congregate at a plaza, park, street or any spacious public place to have alcoholic drinks and talk before entering nightclubs, pubs or discos.

In difference of this, Rave Parties are dance parties that feature fast-paced, with repetitive electronic music accompanied by light shows, in this parties people drink water and get high by taking drugs (ecstasy, amphetamines, LSD, crystal, cocaine ...Etc).

it takes place in empty buildings, beach, forest, castles, clubs, ships ..Etc. The main problems of these two events generates are the same ones:

Noise: since people in the botellón are always talking, and in rave parties there is always loud music depending on the amount of people it can be really noisy and disturb the neighbor's sleeping. Large car audio systems and motorbikes also contribute to the amount of noise which is why these events usually take place in the less populated areas of the cities, but this is not always possible. Dirty: botellón and rave parties leaves a lot of litter all over the place, and worst, a lot of urine in the areas around it. Moral issues: some people find these two events morally unacceptable. Traffic accidents: many people drive every weekend to and from the place. Security: lots of people in this parties have knifes or dangerous material with them, and there is always fights this it's not secure for the people around, specially for the young ones... Economy: in some places the presence of many people near an hotel and other business can cause them economic losses. In the other side alcohol sellers and night clubs are positively affected. Health: it's well known that excessive drinking causes long term health problems. It can also cause coma and death, cases like this are not rare in places were this parties take place.

The biggest botellon it's the macrobotellon with 5.000 people, it takes place in Seville and its an even to celebrate the end of the exams period, and the largest rave party its in Berlin, it started because of the DJ doctor love with 100 people and it went up to half a million, lot of people from around the world use to come, I talk in past because it was closed down in summer 2005.

I personally think botellon its much more healthier as they don't take drugs and normally it's not with a big amount of people because u are with you friends and u control what u drink. I also agree with teaching young people the consequences of alcohol and drugs, and show them how to drink modernly depending on each person's body.