The Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group: Decision 2001

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Executive Summary

Statement of the Problem

What strategy must Boeing Company consider to handle the hard situations they are facing?


- To asses the current situation of Boeing.

- To determine Boeing's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

- To identify Boeing's customers, suppliers, competitors, new competitors and substitutes.

- To make a financial analysis on the firm.

- To determine alternative courses of actions to be taken to deal with their situation.


1. Stability Strategy - One alternative for Boeing is a stability strategy of avoiding entrance into super jumbo aircraft manufacturing.

2. Growth Strategy - Boeing goes ahead with plans to produce a new B-747X

Recommendation and Implementation

Growth strategy should be done and begin the production of the B-747X to compete with the A380. The market seems to be favorable for the super jumbo aircraft. Failing to compete with EADS will induce more risk in the long run due to the potential loss of significant market share.


S.W.O.T Analysis


Perhaps the biggest strength for Boeing is simply its name. Boeing enjoys overwhelming success because of its brand name awareness. The marketing department set out on this goal more than 50 years ago, and Boeing's success is a direct result of that campaign.

Through the use of a diversified product line and very talented employees, Boeing excels in their businesses. Using thousands of suppliers, manufacturing sites, and technology development centers, Boeing can distribute their products very efficiently. This enables Boeing to compete at the lowest cost and offer the best quality


I have determined the weakness in Boeing's research and development as being a slow response time. I believe that Boeing has become lackadaisical in their commercial aircraft development.


The industry is very competitive and with the recent mergers, the industry...