A Biography on Congresswoman Shelley Berkley

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Congresswoman Shelley Berkley was born Rochelle Levine on January 20th 1951. This American politician has been a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives since 1999. She is currently in her fourth term representing the First Congressional District of Nevada which includes Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip.

After completing both junior high and high school in Las Vegas, Shelley broke tradition and went to University of Nevada, Las Vegas collage (UNLV). She had always had great leadership. Even though, she was elected as Student Council President in her senior year, she still managed to graduate with honors, earning a Bachelor Degree in Political Science, in 1972. She earned a degree in political science, and the graduated with a degree in law from the University of San Diego in 1976. An alumnus, Shelley Berkley returned to Nevada to launch her career. Furthermore she has been a resident of Nevada more then forty years.

For several years, she practiced law as a member of the legal counsel for various Las Vegas casinos. From 1982 to 1984, she served in the Nevada Assembly and was locally involved in civic affairs. Shelley has always had a dedicated commitment to her community and her family.

Then in 1990, she was appointed chair of the Nevada University System Board of Regents, which she served as until 1998; when she was elected into the House.

Elected to the House in 1998, she serves in the Committees on Transportation and Infrastructure, Veterans' Affairs, and International Relations. As a representative, Berkley views her top priorities as to fight for affordable health care coverage for all Americans, veteran's rights, and alternative energy. She is also strongly opposed to the building of a nuclear waste dump in Yucca Mountain, Nevada


A Lifetime of Commitment to Nevada...