Biography of Adolph Hitler

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Adolph Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 in Braunau, Austria. He was his parents' fourth child. His mother and father were Klara Hitler and Alois Schickelgruber. Adolf attended school from the age of six and the family lived in various villages around the town of Linz, east of Braunau. By this time Adolf had a younger brother, Edmund, but he only lived until the age of six. In 1896, Klara gave birth to Adolf 's sister, Paula, who survived to outlive him. His mother showered Adolf with love and affection. His father who was a customs official showed little emotion towards his son.

In 1932 Hitler ran for president and won 30% of the vote. Following this success a political deal was made making Hitler the chancellor in exchange for his political support. He was appointed to office in January 1933.

Following the death of the president Hindenburg in 1934, Hitler was seen as his natural successor.

With an improving economy, Hitler claimed the credit and strengthened his position as dictator, having succeeded in eliminating challenges from other political parties and members of the government. Hitler began to build up German industry in preparation for war.

Hitler and his Nazi party showed racist ideas towards anyone that they felt was inferior to the German race, especially the Jewish population. Due to the way that Hitler felt towards the Jews, he made things very difficult for their entire race. Hitler and his Nazi party struck out at Jews all over Germany, and forced them to live in ghettos isolated from society. The Jewish community was very afraid of Hitler and being put in these ghettos. After most of the Jewish population was living in the ghettos, they were then imprisoned in concentration camps at various locations throughout...