Bill of rights essay

Essay by dirtbaggrasso October 2006

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The Bill of Rights are the ten amendments in which our freedoms and rights are stated. We have these ten amendments so our country can be a land of freedom and fairness. Without these amendments this country would be a hole other place. The most important amendment is the first: basic freedoms.

There are many reasons for this. First, this amendment gives us the freedom of speech and religion. Without this our world would be a whole other place. People would not be able to choose what to believe. Also, we would not be able to stand up for what we feel is right. If this were so then the government would be able to accuse or convict you of a crime you did not commit and you would not have the right to fight back to prove yourself innocent.

Petition and assembly are good things also. One is that when you do not like the law and it is against what the people of your state or country wanted then you can have everyone sign the petition so the government can see they made a law that does not suit the people.

This is good because it might be a law that is totally unfair to the people. Assembly is good because when people need to speak out they can speak to the rest of their group and be supported.

In conclusion, the most important amendment is the first. There are many reasons for this and these freedoms help make our country what it is. Without these freedoms this America would not be known as the "country of opportunity". These are some of the reasons why this country is so great.