The Bible of the Hornless King!!

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Beliefs to horde the masses in

Frames that class the nobles and sins

A basic block of an Empires mead

To which the castles division beams

Religions to turn eyes that probe

Shandy to lips to soften the droll

Remedy for the troublesome host

Keeps the iron on the creases bold

In honor keep the dead kings

Of them whisper foul things

Such they in compare to Him

Hornless becom's the im'ediat' king

Praise the lord the maker of Him

Equal Him not to above Realm spirit

Raise Him in honor a fraction an inch

For objection never cometh of obsolete

If ever in need arise to deceive

Revolted would find ye Him

For Saint of angel molded be Him

For riddles to ye Him makes beliefs

From crib to ye a spoon feeds

Till even the shrewd sight over sees

The string of lies of a truth he weaves

So be written The Bible of Hornless decree