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The intersectionality between race and gender is important but tricky. The plights of people of color and of gender oppressed folks are extremely separate experiences and can in no way be compared to each other. Still, many people are living with the effects of both of these forms of oppression. Gender-based discrimination intersects with discriminations based on other forms of "otherness", such as race, sexual expression, ability, ethnicity, religion and economic status, and forces the majority of the world's women into situations of double or triple marginalization.

The combined effects of racism and gender discrimination on migrant, immigrant, indigenous, minority and marginalized women, in particular, around the world has had devastating consequences for their full enjoyment of equality and fundamental human rights in both the public and private spheres. Because discrimination based on ethnicity, race, religion, etc. is and has historically been imbedded in State and social structures, such discrimination decreases the rights available to women and increases the likelihood of women to endure violence and abuse.

In my experience as a mixed-ethnicity and female identified person, I always have been extremely concious of gender and race. Growing up in a predominantly white town, I was taught at a young young age to be aware of my "otherness." Being mixed, I have at times been perceived as white and have experienced white priviledge. Still at other times I had difficutly feeling accepted by people around me and have experienced blatant discrimination. In my life, female identity has been a constant, while my identity as a person of color is somewhat illusive.

I thouroughly enjoyed the readings for this week. In particular, "We Real Cool" by Bell Hooks and "Cool Pose" by Richard Majors any Janet Billson was intruiging. The description given by "Cool Pose" of the...