The Beatitudes

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Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven:

To be poor in spirit means that you realize you have nothing, are nothing and need all things from the Lord. You realize you are helpless without the Lord's guidance and help. Those who are poor in spirit know that they are in desperate need of God's grace and understanding. They see that true salvation can only be obtained by complete faith in Jesus Christ.

These people are welcomed into the Kingdom of heaven because they have placed their entire faith and trust in the Lord. Their spirits are like an empty cup waiting to be filled with the word of the Lord.

Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted:

Those who mourn in a spiritual sense are mourning because they know that they are sinners and they know that sinning hurts the heavenly father.

They are sorry for their sins and are also mourning for other sinners

God loves and forgives and those who realize their sins and repent will be comforted by the Lord. The Lord is a forgiving Lord and he comforts his people. He knows when his people need him and he answers.

Blessed are the meek for they shall possess the earth:

Those who are meek are gentle, kind and exhibit a docility of spirit. Those who are meek are obedient and submissive to the word of God. They trust God and know that without God they are nothing. God completes them like a missing piece to a puzzle. The meek find a way to see God in everything.

They will possess the earth through God. To be meek isn't to let people walk all over you or to be shy. Those who are meek in a spiritual...