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On Thursday, the Band went to Indianapolis to perform in the RCA Dome for Bands of America Preliminaries. After we performed, we changed out of uniform and went back into the dome in order to watch a couple of other bands perform. The food was very pricey and we didn't stay very long.

Again, we returned on Saturday to watch the Bands of America Finals. This time we were not performing because we had not made it this far in the competition. However, it was still a treat to be able to watch the bands perform. Out of all the bands I saw I appreciated one in particular--Plymouth Canton's. Apparently the judges liked that band as well because they made it to Finals. I had the chance to see their show twice!

Plymouth Canton presents a show entitled "Inside Out". When the band first entered onto the field I noticed that the band's uniforms complimented the guard's.

The band was wearing jackets that were grey, darker on the top than on the bottom. Also, the band was wearing black pants. The guard was wearing white suits with black letters on them.

Their music was very expressive and they had a lot of dynamic contrast. However, the conductor just stood still for the first half of the show. I'm not sure why he did that, but he must have had some purpose. The band marched on a big, white tarp. Later in the show, the guard flipped over half of the tarp and it said "breath".

The guard danced with neon green mattresses outside of where the marching band was making their formations. The green mattresses had squiggly lines on them. Other mattresses had the word "chaos" written on them. The guard did different stunts on the mattresses.

The pit was...