"What Is In a Bad Ad?"

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Advertisements, they are everywhere. They can be found in newspapers, magazines, televisions, radios, and even on a billboard. What product is advertised, how it is advertised, and where it is advertised all affect the company's success or failure of selling their product. Many of these companies are advertising bad products and making them seem better than what they are. What is presented in advertisements are many times false.

Skyy Vodka is a product that is mainly advertised in magazines, usually in the sports genre. I believe this product is advertised in sports magazines because their company is aiming at men and adolescents. As many people can imagine, it is mostly men and teenage boys that buy sports magazines. Therefore alcohol companies, such as Skyy, place their advertisements in these magazines in order to attract these certain people.

What exactly is in an ad that makes it successful? In this Skyy Vodka ad there are a few factors.

For one, a Skyy Vodka bottle and martini glass are in main focus. Second there is a gorgeous woman hovering over a man holding a container that is probably filled with Skyy Vodka. Last, just look at the atmosphere. A man is sitting in an expensive chair in what seems to be a very nice apartment or office. With that in mind look outside the windows. There is nothing except the finest looking buildings and bright shining lights.

How does the first factor work to make the product stand out? The bottle and martini glass are both strategically placed right in front of everything. This is so the observer can tell right away what product is being advertised. The Skyy Vodka bottle, which is blue, was placed in a white environment. I do not think this was done on accident. It was...