"Australian society is a tolerant society which readily accepts difference." Discuss.

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Australia comprises of a multicultural society, meaning that various ethnic and cultural groups are established within in a single society. But the way in which society will either embrace or reject a particular culture, has great impact on those who practice it and continue to do so. In order to determine whether Australia as a whole, willingly and readily accepts difference, the personal experience of a member of the community practicing a foreign culture was interviewed. In relation to his Argentine culture, his attitudes and experiences are expressed in migrating to Australia in 1962.

A subculture within the multicultural Australian society is that which is practiced by the Argentineans, and is primarily influenced by its Italian, French and African roots. A member of the community who derives from the Argentine culture explains how society has acted towards his cultural differences, and the repercussions of these social attitudes.

The Argentine culture embraces values such as: regarding cousins as "best friends", children remain living with their parents until they obtain marriage and most individuals are in a perpetual competition of bettering themselves in aim of being superior to the majority.

This type of culture, with the beliefs and values it encompasses; differs to the Australian culture. For a new citizen to "fit in" and integrate to a new society, both the new arrival and the community have to work collectively in the transition. However, it is seen that Australian society hasn't always been willing to do their part in co operating with new citizens to find their place in society.

To aid communication boundaries translators are often implemented, but in the means of helping one to become a full member of Australian society, chances are deteriorated through the lack of understanding of new cultures; which in some cases inevitably leads...