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On the show X-Files there has always been sexual tension between Scully and Mulder. Fans of the show have asked if they will ever start dating. Chris Carter, the creator of the show, has given interviews saying that he doesn't want to take the show in that direction. Well, maybe some dedicated fan can take the show that way.

Fan Fiction, or Fan Fic for short, are stories written by the fans based on a Television show. Much Fan Fic is science fiction but a simple search on the internet revealed some interesting topics. Days of Our Lives, E.R., and Tiny Toons are some more odd choices of Fan Fiction.

According to a New York Times Article Fan Fiction got its start in the 1970's by "Star Trek" fans at conventions and through the mail. "You're getting a lot of people who wouldn't be caught dead near a convention," a Fan Fic reader named Betsy Vera was Quoted in the article.

"It's different if you do it on the Web." On the Internet ideas can be expressed by people from every walk of life.

Crossovers are a very popular subject for Fan Fic. There are several different stories on the web. "T*R*E*K*" puts the characters of Mash on board Star Trek's U.S.S. Enterprise.

A web-page devoted to crossover stories has on it X-files/JAG/Magnum PI. A directory of Fan Fiction web-sites mentions X-men/Power Rangers and "Chips/Emergency" stories.

Another popular genre for Fan Fiction is adult or slash. Slash is Fan Fiction that focuses on a romantic relationship between two characters of the same gender. The term slash comes from the / mark that goes between the characters' names, i.e., Kirk/Spock. According to several internet sources the reason for this is that the only real...