Andrew! This is a CD39 case study. The child was observed for a semester, and the essay is the results

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Andrew is an energetic four year old boy. He stands at four feet tall and about 38 pounds in weight. He has dirty blond brown hair, brown eyes, and has the cutest mischievous smile. The chosen location to observe Andrew was the Madera Center's The Learning Center. It is a preschool, largely set up for students with preschoolers. The Center is located in the far back of the school, so to make it separate from the college because after all it is a regular preschool. From the outside a person would not think there is a preschool inside, but once a person walks in it become obvious. The inside of the classroom walls are decorated with the children's art work and projects they have completed. The classroom contains a cubby area for the children to put their belongings and hang up there coats, a playhouse area filled with dolls, a kitchen set, etc.,

a circle time area where the teacher gathers the children for reading time, a writing area, and an individual reading area, and there are also 3 tables set up for stations, one is for the science, the second is for snack, and the third is for painting. The Learning Center also has an outside playground complete with a table area, jungle gym, sand area, and cement area for the children to ride their tricycles. It is like they have their own little country. This observation was a participant, since questions were asked to the child and the child directed questions and comments to the observer. There were twelve observations, one hour each.

The play years (2 to 6 year olds), children become slimmer as the lower body lengthens and most of the baby fat dissolves away. Protruding belly, round face, short limbs, and large head which characterize...