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It is said that everyone we know is a teacher for us. If this is true, then Anne Frank is by far one of the greatest teachers. Anne Frank was a young Jewish teenager who lived during the Holocaust. She was forced to go into hiding to escape the Nazi's hate. She kept a diary throughout her entire hiding experience which depicts all of the horrible events that happened to her. From her diary alone, we are able to know and learn from her. People can learn from her words and thoughts, her actions, and her ability to cope.

Anne Frank, though only a teenager, was a very skilled writer. We are able to learn from what she wrote in her diary. She wrote about every-day issues, but was completely truthful about it. Even this small quality can help people to be truthful. This lets us know Anne more intimately than we know most other people.

Anne could also find the best in even the most unbearable people. In her diary, she described, in depth, everyone living in the Secret Annex. For example, she is not very fond of her mother and describes all of the faults that she has. Despite writing this, she says later that her mother tries, but just doesn't understand her. This has certainly taught me to get to really know someone before judging them. It also lets you find good in everyone. Anne says in a diary entry that every one is a good person. If she can say this after all the horrible things that the Nazis put her through, then others should be able to find good in normal people. This quality that Anne has is a great one for anyone to have.

Also, Anne was able to contain her feelings...