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The purpose of this report is to analyse the various components of a service business. The service system will be discussed in context of the classification type of the service business chosen. The inter-relationships between the different elements of the service system will be explored, demonstrating the effect any inconsistency in the service system has on the overall effectiveness of the service experience on consumers. The overall aim of the report is to evaluate the services of this business and examine whether there is the desired seamless and consistent integration between the elements in their service system.

1.1 Service Business Overview

Genesis Fitness Clubs (GFC) offers a variety of services and quality training facilities that are designed to help their members reach their fitness goals. It was established in 1997 and there are several clubs located in suburban areas across Victoria and one in Queensland. Having operated for almost ten years, they have developed a large base of loyal clientele with just under 30,000 active members nationally (Email from T Dangerfield, Executive Assistant of Genesis Fitness Clubs, 27 August 2006).

GFC aims to cater for a broad spectrum of people, physical abilities and fitness goals, identifying their service business as "The Fitness Club for Everybody" which is articulated in the clubs' slogan. GFC offers a range of services, including group classes, swimming lessons, personal training, and facilities such as cardio rooms, women's only rooms, gymnasium and swimming pool. As each location varies slightly in its service offering and facilities, this report will focus on the Genesis Hoppers Crossing Club in order to give a concise analysis of its service system.

1.2 Classification of Service

It is necessary to identify the type of service offering that GFC presents, as this will be indicative of the framework to which the...