"Analects of Confucius" Essay

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In the "Analects of Confucius", it talks about Master Kong's way of humanity. Confucius' Way of humanity is very unique, it combines love and righteousness. What best describes his way of thinking is this quote, "Love is the best a person's heart can offer, and reason, the best a person's mind can offer." Kong Fuzi's teachings did not become popular and respected until after his death. Master Kong's ethical theory placed humanity as the "supreme" virtue, second to it is righteousness. I think that we have a lot to learn from it.

Confucius' ethical theory said this in regards to following the rituals, "To restrain oneself and return to the rituals constitutes humanity." I think that he wants people to respect what people in the past have done and see the wisdom in it. It stated this about speech, "The man of humanity speaks with hesitation." When I read this, I

thought it meant that if you are hesitant when you speak, then that means you think about what you want to say before it is said.

Kong Fuzi said this about one's attitude toward work, "A man of humanity places hard work before reward." I think this means that if you have humanity as a virtue then you would rather do the hard work than just get the reward. You see working hard as a reward. In treating others he said, " For a man of humanity is one who, wishing to establish himself, helps others to establish themselves, and who, wishing to gain perception, helps others to gain perception." To me this means that if you want to succeed, then you will do so more quickly if you do not alienate yourself but help out other people too. Master Kong really shows this when he sets up...