America: what it means to me

Essay by hitter.405 October 2006

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America this word may not mean much to some people but it means a lot to me. America, Magical, Eagle, Republic, Independence, Courageous, amazing. These seven words probably don't mean much to you either but they are all words that describe America.

For instance Independence is a special word. It has a important story behind it that goes like this. When America was found by the British they sent people over to America to settle the land. When the people came they thought it was going to be a new beginning for them and there families but they were wrong. The British thought that they owned America but the new settlers thought that they owned America. So the settlers fought the British soldiers and told them to leave. The soldiers and the king weren't happy about this and declared war on the settlers. In the end the settles were successful and beat the British and the British left for good and America is it's own country no strings attached.

Courageous: This word describes most of the people of America. Courageous can only describe those people that are willing to step out on the limp to help people. At least once every American has helped someone sometime which is why courageous is a good word to describe America.

Republic is also a magnificent word that describes America because America is a republic nation. This nation is all that it is because it is a republic nation and that's why we are one of the richest most powerful nations of them all.