Alcohol related crimes, how do we tackle it?

Essay by SoftcentredA-, October 2006

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For a long time now the government have been looking at ways to tackle an increasing number of alcohol related crimes.

The government have set up an action plan to tackle the problem; this involves the police, local authorities and representatives of the licence trade, magistrates and the public support joining forces.

Initially my thoughts are why extend licensing hours when there is clearly an increase in alcohol related crime, surely this will only add to an already out of control crime level and encourage more binge drinking. It's like the old saying, you give an inch, and they take a mile. Offer longer opening hours then it will be abused, not by all but normally a small minority who end up spoiling it for everyone.

Surely we should be discouraging drinking not extending the drinking hours to contradict the proposals to reduce alcohol related crime.

The proposals within the plan include three main objectives, they are:-

a) To reduce under age drinking by

i) stringent raids on random licensed premises

ii) a strict proof of age scheme

iii) educating young people about the dangers of excess drinking

b) To reduce public drunkenness by

i) new legislation to replace outdated by-laws on public drinking

ii) good working practices in preventing trouble on licensed premises, excluding troublemakers and refusing to sell to those already intoxicated

iii) new powers to close premises if they fail to maintain a trouble-free zone and also to close to segregate violence from spreading to outside areas

iv) fixed penalty notices

c) To prevent alcohol related violence by

i) targeting hotspots

ii) developing pub watch whereby local pubs and clubs communicate with police and other establishments to prevent troublemakers moving onto another premise, fore warned is fore armed!

iii) training to bar staff and...