What is alcohol and how does it affect on our body, does it affect more if someone in our family is alcoholic?

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Alcohol is a clear drink that is made from corn, barley, grain, rye, or a beverage containing ethyl.

I think that on the age of 18, Children of alcoholic parents are significantly more likely to initiate drinking and becoming and alcolism. Young pleople think that alcohol makes you have fun, be surrounded by friends, and give the message that drinking alcohol is cool, but they don't know that when a person drinks alcohol, about 20 percent is absorbed in the stomach, and 80 percent is absorbed in the small intestine. The concentration of alcohol, the type of drink, and whether the stomach is full or empty depends on how fast the alcohol is absorbed. Once the alcohol is absorbed into the tissue, it affects your mind and body. Blood alcohol concentration can rise up to 20 minutes after having a drink. After alcohol is absorbed it affects the body in three places: the kidneys, lungs, and liver.

When people have too much alcohol they get sick (and many of them vomit), they are not in full control of their minds and bodies, and they are not able to think clearly or to make good choices (especially about whether it is safe for them to drive).

Some people who have had too much to drink become angry and they can hurt other people, including people in their family.

If parents are involved with them and in the reson why alcohol is bad and are close to them, or the shocool informs abaut how daingerous it is children its less luckly for them to become and alcoholism.

In conclusion it is important to know wath you are putting in your body and know the consecuences.