Air Force Short Story

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"Get Up," shouted out captain. I jumped out of my bed, and put on my cloths. He told us to go and put on our flight uniforms, the Russians were attacking. I hurried downstairs and put on my flight uniform and went into the briefing room. The captain said, "Hello gentleman. Sorry for waking you up so early. We have a crisis on our hands. About a month ago we found a Julang 2 missile in the mountains of Russia. The Russians have sent out a fleet of jets to come attack our base, so when we are busy fighting them, they are preparing to launch the missile. There is a twist to the story though. Russia has hijacked one of our satellites, which is equipped with 8 nuclear missiles. They are also flying Mikoyan Gurevich 29s. The fastest and most aerodynamic jet Russia has. We need you to go out there and make sure they do not get close to this base.

If they do, bad things could happen." I sat there wondering how bad this would be until he told us get in our planes and stop those Migs. I hurried outside to my F-14 Tomcat, while my wingman, Vapor R., ran to his F-16 Falcon.

I turned on my hydraulic pressure, and after 1 minute, my engines roared up. I got on the radio:

Roto: Tower, AF112 up and ready. Permission to taxi to runway 9 L.

Tower: AF112, permission to taxi to runway 27 L using taxiway alpha charlie beta.

Roto: Alpha Charlie beta. Copy.

Vapor: Up and ready.

Tower: Follow Roto to runway. Takeoff in cover formation.

Vapor: Roger.

I revved up my engines and started going to the runway. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Vapor following me. When I...