Advertising is frequently blamed for poor sales. How far, if at all, is this blame justifiable?

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Products and services will not sell themselves. We need something that will help us make our customers aware of our product or service, and also create desire in customers, which will impel them to go and buy the product. This is where advertising comes in as the most powerful tool for reaching consumers' minds. The main goal of advertising is to promote the product on behalf of the advertisers (producers).

Many things contribute to the successful sales of a product, things such as packaging, the quality of the goods, the price, etc. But advertising is the marketing communications tool which has the greatest impact, the greatest influence on the consumer. Therefore, if the advertising campaign is not carefully thought out, it will most certainly affect the sales of the goods.

If the advertisers want to have a successful advertising campaign, there are several things that must be taken into serious consideration.

These are:

* First of all, the advertiser should hire an advertising agency which will develop the entire advertising campaign. If the advertising is done by the advertiser himself, the advertisement will most certainly look unprofessional and will make the company look unprofessional, which will lead to decrease in sales.

* Furthermore, before the agency starts creating the advertisement or starts doing the media planning, it must not forget who the target audience is. Knowing the target audience is the crucial thing to any advertising campaign. One must always identify potential customers before beginning any work on an advertising campaign, or undertaking any project at all.

* The frequency is very important. The advertisement must be constantly repeated, otherwise consumers will not remember it, which will result in them not recognizing the product or a service, and therefore not purchasing it.

* The message content...