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Advertisements. We see millions of them everyday. Whether we see them on the television, in magazines, or hear them on the radio, we all come in contact with them on a daily basis. However, only a few are successful in making us want to go out and buy the product advertised. This particular advertisement is one of the few that are. Consumer behaviour theories are practiced to make the advertisement successful in not only attracting the attention of the audience, but also convincing the audience to go out and buy the product. This paper will analyse and prove that the advertisement is successful in attracting and convincing the audience to buy the product. The reason that it is successful is because of the theories it applied in the construction and design of the advertisement.

The content of the advertisement has a major effect on the audience's attitude towards the product.

The advertisement in this case is of Rolex. The audience is challenged to "imagine the looks you'll get when you own a prestigious Rolex among your friends" This Rolex advertisement is found in the middle pages of a magazine called "Newsletter" printed with better quality of paper. "Newsletter" focuses on the news around the world targeting young to middle aged people.

Advertisement context

The advertisement is designed to convey this by displaying pictures of Wimbledon.

- Wimbledon turns champions into legends. Since 1877, it has grown into the most coveted title in tennis; perhaps in all of sport. Its traditions, from the white dress code to the exact length requirement of the grass, are sacred. To play on Centre Court is the chance of a lifetime. To win, the chance to become a part of history. THE WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS - JUNE 26TH TO JULY 9TH, 2006.

The brand image of...