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Our society has come a long way, going from supervised dates, to teen sex reaching an outstanding high. Television and government are mostly at fault. Instead of spending more to promote abstinence, condoms, birth control pills, and abortion are being sold. The difference between then and now is, before people knew about sex, but it was not accepted; now, celebrities support sex, and the younger crowd who see them as a role model, support sex as well.

Has one ever sat in front of the television and actually realized that most every commercial that does not advertise food, advertises some form of sexual tactic? Television is a huge contribution to this sexual trend; approximately two-thirds of the programs shown on TV contain sexual content and/or sexual activity. There are commercials which sell products that give parents control over what channels they want their children to watch, but none of this would need to be purchased if sex was not on more than half of the programs viewed.

Government funded programs suggest that it is ok for teens to have sex as long as they are safe, but over 90 percent of parents strongly disagree with this approach. Parents try to get through to their children to practice abstinence, because if not, there are many life altering consequences that can occur such as pregnancy, an STD, emotional damage, damage to one's reputation, and depression. Many teens seem to be having sex simply because of boredom; countless youth use this as an excuse, but if looking further one would realize there is much more one can do rather than have sex.

A few suggestions to succeed in abstinence are to join a sport, youth group, or community service. These opportunities will help broaden one's personality by meeting new people and possibly help...