Abortion: A Woman's Right and Choice

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A teenage girl attends a get-together with a few of her acquaintances to hang out. At the gathering the girl ends up consuming alcohol. She spots an attractive boy across the room, which she happens to make eye-contact with. After a brief chat, the two vanish and find themselves in the bedroom. Several weeks later, the girl visits the doctor, concerned about the pains in her stomach, and the abstinence of a menstrual cycle. A pregnancy test is conducted that returns positive results. Overcome by fear, the girl panics; she is not ready for a child.

Fortunately for this girl, the option of abortion is available to her if she desires to do so. The right to choose to receive an abortion is an individual and vital element to a woman's life. The government does not posses the authority to impede on the private lives of citizens in our country.

If one chooses not to want the responsibly of a child and experience the role of parenthood, then she ought to have the opportunity of abortion as an alternative. If a woman is deprived of deciding whether or not to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, she is shorn of right to the tenure of her own body. Abortion is not just considered to be a woman's right; it is also a woman's choice.

The extraction of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to terminate pregnancy is known as abortion. One of the most controversial and heavily debated topics in our society today, the dispute of whether a woman has the right to choose to receive an abortion seems to be an issue that refuses to cease. Public opinion, for the most part, is split between those who consider themselves to be either pro-choice or pro-life. On one end...