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Twelve angry men is a movie about twelve jurors who have to decide whether or not to convict a boy of murdering his father. The physical aspects that affected the entire discussion about the murder case had to of been the enclosed room they were debating in. The room was like a jail cell, no one else left or came in. The room served as a thinking place for the jurors, and as they all had their own opinions on the matter.

Juror 8 was the outspoken man who thought the boy was innocent, he eventually convinced the rest of the jurors to think outside the facts, and look within themselves to find a reason of innocence. Another juror was acting like a fool, he couldn't see passed the crime because he was caught in between a scandal with his own son. He was the very last juror to accept the fact that the boy might be innocent, and had to put away his feelings he felt towards his son to come up with that conclusion.

The designated leader, juror number 8, was a great leader. He influenced the others to come to an agreement, but emphasized to only do so if they themselves felt it was justified, and only if they truly felt that way about their opinion. The leader's behavior changes at the end of the debate, when everyone finally comes to an agreement. He felt very satisfied with the outcome and his predictions. The leader forms a sort of coalition when the rest of the jurors start to give their positive opinions about the murder investigation. That's when everyone starts to come together to form an agreement and acknowledge the fact that juror 8, the main leader is doing the right thing. Each and every one...